Secure Code Review

We evaluate application source code and deliver reports noting a detailed description of exploitable issues and recommendations to mitigate those risks. Analysis of application source code, architecture, network and database can be done on site or remotely using a secure connection.

Site Review and Site Vulnerability Assessment

We verify the configuration of Unix, Linux and Windows servers to identify configuration weaknesses.
In addition, we assess encryption for data transmission and data storage. Based on our identification of data center physical vulnerabilities, connectivity issues and interdependencies, we deliver a report of weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

Vulnerabilities Remediation

We work closely with our clients to resolve application code vulnerabilities, connectivity issues and data protection issues. We specialize in the implementation coding of security functions, such as anti-crosssite scripting and encryption libraries.
Lastly, we help our customers to implement secure software development practices.

Risk Management and Compliance

We verify compliance with industry standards by helping our clients to implement security policies and audit compliance of those policies. We seek to insure the security of our clients’ systems by implementing vulnerability management and reporting solutions.

Identity Management

We protect our clients’ assets by defining security rules limiting access based on user roles. We help our clients to define strong password management and authentication such as two-factor authentication for privilege or administrator users.